Why adjustable sizing?

We understand that it’s always a difficult task to find something that is going to fit you perfectly as we all have such different body shapes. Therefore we wanted to make sure you could easily tailor your product to fit just right, without having to get it altered. This is the main reason why we have used eyelets in almost all of our products. You can easily size up or size down depending on how much of your skin you would like to have on show, it also completely changes the look of the garment if you chose to wear it loose or tight.

Size Guide

Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm)
XXS – XS 80 – 86 61 – 67 85 – 94
S – M 87 – 96 68 – 77 95 – 104
L – XL 97 – 106 78 – 87 105 – 114

What does up-cycling textiles mean?

“Up-cycling” materials provide textiles with a second life, one with higher value than it originally was. This includes the utilisation of scrap fabric, pre-loved garments and unused left-over fabric. The process of up-cycling fabric includes disassembling garments and sewing mismatched pieces of fabric together in order to turn textiles into a now usable base and functional product. It also externally reduces the amount of material and finished garments that were destined to end up in landfill.

Why organic cotton?

We use GOTS certified 100% organic cotton as no toxic chemicals such as synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are used in the growing process, therefore it does not damage the soil, air or water. It requires less water than regular cotton as it typically uses rain fall more often than irrigation and is far better for the environment than regular cotton.

Organic cotton produces 46% less carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) compared to conventional cotton as its free from contaminates that cause harm. Conventional non-organic cotton uses insecticides and pesticides that exposes cotton farm workers to health problems caused by these outmoded chemicals. If we want to improve working conditions for cotton farmers, supporting organic agriculture is a no-brainer as it is highly regulated, which results in a fair trade for farmers.

What does organically certified fabric mean?

Organically certified fabric means that it has been regulated and tested by established certificated corporations, and our organic cotton is certified by GOTS & OCS.

Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) – This production level certificate is highly respected for its ecologically and socially responsible practices as it follows the whole farming and manufacturing process. In order to have this certificate you must adhere to clean production that is free from the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other harmful chemicals along with following rules to ensure the welfare of the materials, environment and the working conditions of the humans involved.

Organic Content Standard Certification (OCS) – Is an accredited third-party certificate that applies to all non-food products and is often used to confirm the amount of organic raw materials found in the final product. It is used as a business to business tool to retailers and corporations to gain the information that they need to ensure they are getting the correct product.

What is a non-profit NGO sewing center and is it ethical?

As of March 2020, there are approximately 180,000 (registered) refugees and asylum seekers within Malaysia. While the Government is supportive of these individuals, there is presently no legislative or administrative provisions in place to deal with asylum-seekers or refugees in Malaysia. Therefore, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) documents, registers and determines the status of the asylum seekers and refugees that enter the country. The Malaysian Government cooperate strongly with the UNHCR.

Our sewing centre is run by Life 2 Life El Shaddai, it helps provide a sustainable income for displaced individuals who are unable to work in Malaysia at regular corporations. They are able work through this organisation as it is a charitable non-profit NGO. It is an opportunity for them to make a living in a dignified manner as they get paid directly by the organisation on a piece meal basis.

The Sewing Centre is a new venture that aims to eventually become a financially independent entity, that no longer requires support from donations to keep itself running. The goal for the workers is resettlement but, in the meantime, as a business we aim to enhance their skills and provide this support through means of upskilling and job security which allows the individuals to sustain a living for themselves and their families in a safe and secure workplace environment.

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