Care Guide

Our garments and accessories are made from upcycled and/or sustainable material. These products are made by hand and uniquely crafted therefore, they do need some extra love and care. We highly recommend that you follow the guidelines that we have suggested for you to ensure an extra-long life for your garment. You can simply air out your garment, or if you have acquired a stain, we recommend hand washing only. Please note that if you are not delicate with your hand wash or put your garment in the washing machine it is possible it may fray, tear or rust where metal detailing is used.


We recommend that you treat any stains as soon as possible prior to wash, using a stain remover which has previously been tested on the garment in a discreet location. Use liquid detergent that is designed for hand washable or delicate garments. Let the detergent completely dissolve in cool water and proceed to gently wash it, please never scrub or over soak as this could potentially damage your garment.